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A piece of art is a glimpse into the artist’s soul. 
When we want to purchase a piece of art, we look beyond the aesthetic appeal – we look for the spirit behind it. We want to feel a deep connection with the values the piece of art embodies. 
Victor Halvani’s sculptures invoke the connection to our roots and our love for them. His art is inspired by Biblical stories and is connected to Jewish tradition. It also expresses basic universal values such as love, family, harmony, motherhood, joy – values that transcend time, place, culture or aesthetics.

Victor Halvani’s bronze sculptures are timeless works of art. They touch our soul and remind us of home.

Gallery Sculptures

Outdoor Sculptures


Victor Halvani

The Dreamy Boy Looking at the Nile.

Victor Halvani was born in Egypt in 1930 to a warm and loving Jewish family.
His father Yitzchak was a judge and his mother Bella, descendant from a rabbinic family, was a great storyteller, who introduced Victor to the Biblical heroes, who in turn became his greatest source of inspiration.
Victor grew up in a small village at the foot of the ancient pyramids of Giza.
From his enchanted childhood, he remembers bicycle trips to mysterious archaeological excavation sites, school trips to the Valley of the Kings in Aswan, and ancient Egyptian art at every corner.
As a teenager he used to spend hours and days in the Cairo Museum of Art, closely looking at the exhibits and drawing them enthusiastically. His inspired drawings caught the attention of his teachers, and they encouraged him to enter a national competition for promising artists. Victor won first place and received a full scholarship at the Art Faculty in Zamalek and at the University of Cairo.
Full of hopes and dreams he began his studies, that were cut short after only one year. 
The Israeli War of Independence began and subsequently the pogroms. The Egyptian Jews were forced to flee their country and Victor took a boat first to France and then to Israel.
Victor’s first years in Israel were a time of struggle for survival, but also of creativity and development.
In 1950, while serving in the army, Victor met Margalit, who was to become his companion in life and art.
With Margalit at his side he not only raised a family, fathering two sons and a daughter, but also fulfilled his dream and lived a creative and inspiring life - as a human being, an artist and a teacher. 
Today, at his advanced age, Victor Halvani proudly looks at his life project, at his sculptures, some of which are displayed around the world and some which have become an inseparable part of people’s homes and lives, and fondly remembers the boy by the Nile, whose dream came true.

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הצעת מחיר ופרטים נוספים

A Life-Long Artistic Project

The Spirit


Few artists turn to sculpting and even fewer choose it as their central form of artistic expression.
Of those who feel the burning call to sculpt, only a select few (some say, “Bronze Fanatics”) choose to sculpt in bronze complex, monumental outdoor sculptures. Victor Halvani is one of those fanatics.
Our father’s outdoor sculptures are a winning combination of technique, technology, art and a spark of creative madness.
Each sculpture posed him serious challenges of planning and execution. It was his responsibility to manage each step in the process. He guided many professionals ensuring everything was done according to his vision.
If they would have only seen how Victor stood for days and nights, in heat, cold and rain, polishing and perfecting the casted sculpture, until it reached the exact line he had in mind, they would have officially declared him insane.

The Gallery

View from Halvani Gallery.jpg

Victor Halvani’s original sculptures are available for sale at the Halvani Gallery in the artist village of Ein Hod, in his house overlooking a breathtaking view. 
The gallery in Ein Hod opened as soon as Victor and Margalit were accepted as members of the village, in 1970. Since then, it serves as a haven, a peek into the artist’s soul. The gallery is visited by hundreds of visitors each year. Some purchase one of the rare sculptures, and others simply enjoy a taste of the artist’s spirit and uncompromising dedication to his art.
*Visits to the gallery may be scheduled in advance. If you want to see the sculptures or receive additional information, please leave your contact number at the bottom of this page..

The Material


Bronze production processes are complex regardless of the sculpture size. This complexity can be somewhat mitigated when producing “lumpy” or one-piece sculptures. But that is not what Victor Halvani chose to do. His sculptures perfectly combine presence and absence, fullness and emptiness, matter and space, forming rounded lines stretching to heavens.
All these posed serious challenges to Victor (especially because the sculptures were casted in Israel, in foundries unaccustomed to working with artists and artwork, and then made their way to art collectors in other countries). Learning to overcome them made Victor Halvani and his son Yuval into professional wizards, to which the secrets of bronze casting are an open book.



Sculpture shipping is an art form in and of itself. We have been shipping sculptures of all sizes to different locations around the world for more than 50 years.
One can never be too cautious when shipping delicate and complex pieces of art such as these sculptures.
We prepare the packaging with uncompromisingly high quality, so that the artwork can withstand “the bumpy road” of international shipping and reach its destination unscathed. We assume full responsibility over shipping and assist our customers with any possible customs-related issue.
We work with the largest and most reliable courier companies in the world and choose the one best suited for each shipping, depending on the destination country and the sculpture price, size and fragility.
From the moment a customer purchases an work of art, they know when they can expect to receive it and what the estimated cost of shipping would be. They continue to be informed about the shipping process at every step of the way.

For additional information and pricesPlease leave your information and we will contact you shortly

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